Download UC Browser 9.8 apk Handler With unlimited Downloading

Hi friends download  UC Handler from here. first of all I will give you important news- JIO UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD 4G FOR 3 HOURS [HIDDEN OFFER].

Link 1–> 

Link 2–> 

Link 3–> 

Use UC handler in===>

Airtel 3G UC Browser Handler Free Internet Trick for Android

Idea 3G/4G UC Browser Handler Free Internet Trick

Vodafone 3G/4G UC Browser Handler Free Internet

How to unblock airtel sim free homepage

Advantage of Downloading Support UC Handler Trick:

1. You Can Use This Trick Only With UC Browser Handler Android App.
2. In This Trick You Can Use Free Internet Only Into The UC Browser. Beyond UC Browser Handler This Trick Will Not Work.
3. Use Only With Rs. 0 (Zero) Balance (To Avoid Balance Deducting).
4. Now UC Browser Is Support Downloading. Surf And Download Anything.

First Of All Download UC Browser Handler Android App.

Download Now 

In This Trick You have To Change Two Settings.

1. First Change in the Mobile System – APN Setting – Same as Proxy Trick.
2. Second Change in the UC Browser Handler – Handler Menu.

Follow First Step:

Steps 1). Change In The Mobile APN Settings – Create A New APN (Access Point Name): Same As Proxy Trick.

1. Firstly Got Your Mobiles Setting >> System Setting
2. Now Go To >> More Settings >>“Mobile Networks”
3. Then Go To >>“Access Point Names” (APN).
4. Select >> Airtel Sim
5. Now Left Click And Create >> New “APN” (Access Point Name)

Fill These Following Below Fields:

Name: Airtel UC Trick (as you wish)
APN: Airtelgprs.Com
<OR> (Shared by Pankaj)
Port: 80

Blank Others Fields – And Now >> “SAVE” This APN

6. After Making This New Apn >> Click On Options Button & Select it.
That’s It, First Steps Has Been Completed.

Now Follow Second Step.

Steps 2). Changing In The UC Browser – Handler Menu:

1. Open >>“UC Browser Handler” App

Now Fill Following Fields In UC Handler Menu And Apply Settings:

2. Now Type This URL In Front Query Box;

For Airtel

Front Query:-

<< OR >>

<< OR >>

<< OR >>

3. Proxy Type: No Proxy
4. Proxy Server: Blank
5. Blank Other Fields Like… Back Query, Custom Header, Username, Password,

6. Now At Last Click On >> “SAVE” Button.

That’s It, All the Steps Has Been Completed.

Now enjoy free unlimited downloading.


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